How To Be Happy Forever

Sharing the Happiness


The road of life has many twists, turns and bumps to keep even the wariest of people from boredom. It gives them easy spaces where they can relax and enjoy life, but there are also times when people are overwhelmed by events. When two people have chosen to build a life together, supporting each other through the difficult twists in the road is part of how their relationship works. Many people are good at giving this support, but they often stumble during the times when the road is clear and life is happy.

Dramatic moments in life happen to many, and sharing the cares and worries is a normal part of the relationship. Couples who seldom find they have smooth spaces in life are used to dealing with difficulties, but they might not be as good at sharing the happiness of life. Being able to function within a relationship where nothing is going wrong can be endured for only short spaces of time, and it is largely due to the need for excitement that can prevent the couple from sharing good times as well as they do the bad ones.

Life’s good moments often seem to be shorter than the difficult ones, but they should be experienced fully by both partners. Sharing them with appreciation is occasionally seen as abnormal, but it should be accepted as the couple’s due when they have weathered the worst. Learning how to appreciate good times as a couple is a strength they should believe they have earned, but it is often erroneously seen as tempting fate or a weakness.

Learning to share good times might take an effort from both partners, but it can be done. Looking at it as a way to breathe easy together can enhance their relationship, and it can help them rest up for the bumps in the road ahead.